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Centouno Choker Necklace in Black, Red and Grey

August 13, 2017 1 min read

Centouno collection Sunset Yogurt by Cosima Montavoci

 It's time to release the first pictures of our latest photoshoot featuring Centouno Choker Necklace in Black, Red and Grey.

Co Glass Jewellery Cosima Montavoci

Centouno is our most simple yet stunning collection, with this photo shoot we wanted to make the model part of the background, except for her eyes and the Necklaces, in order to enhance the simple beauty and wonderful colours of this collection and transmit to our public the atmosphere and context we had in mind with this Collection.

Centouno Grey Choker Co Glass Jewellery

Centouno Choker Black Co Glass Jewellery

Centouno Red Choker Necklace Co Glass Jewellery

Centouno collection is perfect for an everyday look, fits with every outfit and it's available in 12 different colours. We'll share the photo shoots with the other colours in the next articles, so stay tuned! It follows the same concept of this shooting, but it's definitely something completely different :)

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