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My Vanitas will be exhibited at B#SIDE WAR VOL. II

June 12, 2016

My Vanitas will be exhibited at B#SIDE WAR VOL. II

Beside making jewellery, I am also a fine artist, check out all my artworks here!. I'll be off to Italy from June 19 to June 29, to exhibit my Vanitas Physis & Tekhne, a contemporary art exhibition organized by IoDeposito.

The show will take place at Societa’ Cormonese Austria, Cormons, Italy. It will be open from June 24th to July 31th, 2016 – all days from 10am to 7pm.

The Artists

This collective exhibition will host works from various international artists, including O Yemi Tubi, Cosima Montavoci, Anastasia Vepreva, John Atkin, Linda Duvall, Victoria Lucas, Vanessa Gageos, Natalie Vanheule, Daniel Wechsler, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti.

B#SIDE WAR VOL. II - The exhibition

The exhibition is part of a wider program of 12 shows called B#SIDE WAR VOL. II, that reflects on the 1st World War, investigating the connections with our everyday life

Technology and nature are polarized, in the context of war, and they represent the cruelty and the beauty, the nonsense and the sublime, life and death.

The symbol of natural elements is emphasised in a kind of prophetic way, bringing to light the protagonism of the organic soil, which is symbolised as a protective and survival element, but also of concealment and suffocation. In the exhibition, the elements of duplication and multiplication highlight the bad feeling of mass production, representing its inhuman side. Through the inclusion of historical elements, the exhibition comes to insinuate a doubt about the role of nature in the conflict, carrying on the parable of the technology that returns to nature, although in the form of deception.

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