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We now accept Bitcoin and Ethereum on our website!

December 10, 2018 1 min read

We now accept Bitcoin and Ethereum on our website!

From December 10, our online shop will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and LiteCoin!

We have decided to allow cryptocurrency payments because we strongly believe that craftsmanship and technology can and will make each other stronger.

With all the dedicated marketplaces, low entry barriers to e-commerce and online presence, technology has helped artisans all over the world to survive and grow.

We are leveraging technology to pass our message through and define the artisan of the future: traditional techniques with modern ideas, growing worldwide with the help of technology.

We shouldn’t be scared: what defines us as humans is our creativity. It cannot be easily automated or replaced.

Innovation is at the heart of craftsmanship, but it’s time to think about it in a broader sense.

Since the day we started Sunset Yogurt, we’ve always perceived online and offline with a single perspective, and that has helped us grow and reach places we wouldn't have reached so soon only working offline, like being featured on Glamour UK.

We have reached customers all over the world because of this philosophy, and we won’t be changing it any time soon.

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