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You’ve busted our boobs! Everyone united against gender gap

April 24, 2019 4 min read

You’ve busted our boobs! Everyone united against gender gap

Nothing represents femininity like boobs: a mix of fertility, sensuality and functionality.

An organ much more complex than what the average grabber might think, an organ worthy of respect and admiration.

Then why do we keep on hearing “girl you've got balls!”, “you are so ballsy!” and other phallocentric expressions? It’s time to say enough: YOU’VE BUSTED OUR BOOBS!

Venus of Willendorf
Venus of Willendorf


Since the prehistoric times, although matriarchal societies existed, women always had an ambiguous and fluctuating role: on one hand we see female goddesses, sculptural and graphic representations worshipping women as a source of life and prosperity, on the other hand, women are trampled upon and limited in rights and freedom of expression.

Aristotle thought that women are inferior to men because they have a smaller brain, and that they were in reality mutilated men (in Historia Animalum).

Joseph Werner - Diana of Ephesus as allegory of Nature - ca. 1680
Joseph Werner - Diana of Ephesus as allegory of Nature - ca. 1680


The peak of this ambiguity was reached during the Victorian age: although a woman was in charge, the “angels in the house” - so they were called - couldn’t vote, own property or sue someone in court. Alright, women were revered as saints, but they couldn’t do anything other than procreating and take care of the house. The only jobs they could do were teaching and housekeeping. A man deeming a woman as “dirty” was enough to ask and obtain a divorce.

Inanna[a] is an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power.
Inanna is an ancient  Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power.


After all in the Greek mythology Gea - the primordial divinity of Earth - is a woman, Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, Arts and Military Strategy, was also a woman. I’m not saying that women should be worshipped like goddesses, but also not treated like a doormat.

Women are much more than curves and holes. It’s time to receive the respect we deserve.

We live in 2019, but we still need to discuss and fight every day for equal treatment. Why?

Let’s take a recent and striking story: the story of Katie Bouman, an American computer scientist in charge of one of the 4 teams that developed the algorithm to generate the first photo of a black hole.

Even though Katie Bouman immediately highlighted that the discovery wasn’t all thanks to her, criticism was immediate. Fake profiles were created to give the credit of the work to Andrew Chael, one of the engineers involved in the project.

Katie Bouman, the scientist who created the algorithm for the image of the black hole
Katie Bouman, the scientist who created the algorithm for the image of the black hole


For the umpteenth time, we missed the chance to discuss well-known and important problems - women working in STEM earn 20% less than their male colleagues - and we ended up with a useless quarrel about merit attribution.

I personally experienced weird situations in the art world. I studied Fine Arts in the Netherlands, and I’ve always considered the Netherlands a country where equality and discrimination were guiding principles, but apparently, I was wrong.

I had the illusion to live in a place where my work would speak by itself and would be appreciated beyond gender. I’ve also played down some female classmates who were complaining about the gender gap in the art world.

giorgia pratelli 4upper models boobies thingness sunset yogurt

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During my Graduation Show I suddenly realized that the jury, once they realized that the work was made by a woman, they would skip the presentation altogether. How can you judge an artwork if you haven’t even taken the time to look at it? To my surprise, the prizes for the Fine Arts section were assigned to white males exclusively, a small percentage in an Art School - as usual with a strong female presence - in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

The message that came across is that women should take care of pretty little things, but real art is real men’s domain…

Why fear a strong woman? This should be a problem for little men. A real man, a man with balls, should never feel intimidated by a woman.

It’s men without balls who think that women do not have any role in changing the world.

There are so many examples about this: take for instance the iconic TV series Sex & The City where the lawyer Miranda said to be a hostess during dates not to intimidate men. Do you think it’s right?

Aren’t you tired of following cultural stereotypes belonging to the past? Now it’s the time where men should be free to cry, cook if they feel like, take paternity leaves and take care of children. At the same time, a woman can and should be an entrepreneur and kick ass if it’s her objective.

Do you really want some chromosome to tell you who you should be and how you should behave? I don’t, thanks.

It’s time to show our attributes, those that belong to us the most: we are not ballsy women, we are BOOBSY WOMEN.


Cosima boobsy Lady
Cosima: Proud to be a Boobsy Lady


Let’s stop treating women like gracious ornaments ready to satisfy every men’s whim. It’s a stupid game, and there’s no winner: would society be better if we started considering men like soap dispensers every time we feel like procreating? No.

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It’s time to start appreciating the differences in points of view, approach and experiences. It’s time to learn to collaborate. It’s time to appreciate each other’s strengths, not our weaknesses.

 This is why we have created the Boobies collection, an ironic and symbolic collection.

Be proud of your features, your womanhood and your strength.

See our Boobies Collection

And you, what kind of woman do you want to be? Are you afraid that your opinion will be heard or are you a boobsy woman?

And you, what kind of man do you want to be? Are you intimidated by women, or are you a ballsy man?

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