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Petra Thin Twin Necklace

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Size Guide
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    • Petra is a futuristic, yet cartoonish cyberpunk collection.

      The burned felt makes the lucid, bright red glass pop-up even more.

      The elegant and sophisticated design is very comfortable to wear, and it's unusually light to be glass jewellery.

      Here the Petra Thin Twin Necklace.

    • Petra Collection is born from a research on how to make glass jewellery lighter, and how to enrich it through other materials. 

      The soft synthetic fabric, when burned just enough becomes hard and rough plastic that is perfect to emphasise the bright red, seductive touch of glass. The lightness of the felt creates a perfect balance with the precious weight the glass beads have.

      Gradually, while this collection was being created, we realised that although made with the same materials and colours, each piece showed its own, unique nature, a bit like a family: sharing the DNA, but possibly with radically different personalities.

    • Length: 70 cm

      Weight: circa 100 g

      Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and waxed cotton cord, rubber and black felt.



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