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Disembodied Body Parts

giugno 27, 2019 1 tempo di lettura

Disembodied Body Parts

Disembodied Body Parts
Exploring the boundaries between Art and Art Jewellery


disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt     disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt

Have you ever heard of Art Jewellery or Contemporary Jewellery?

This new movement redefines jewelry as wearable sculptures, with their concept.

So what is the difference with art, except the fact that it is wearable and related to the body?

disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt     disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt

The use of body pieces to decorate the bodies helps us to appreciate the joy that comes from the acceptance of our 'Thingness', as the contemporary artist of the' 70s Paul Thek, defined it after his visit to the Cappuccini catacombs in Palermo.

disembodied_body_parts_cosima_montavoci .   disembodied_body_parts_cosima_montavoci

The 'Thingness' collection deals with themes similar to those of my sculptures, and I often find myself with those who visit my Atelier to discuss what the difference is if the concept is the same.


For the special occasion of the Venice Night of Art, I decided to present sculptures and jewellery dealing with human objectivity, mortality in an ironic in an almost pop manner.

disembodied_body_parts_cosima_montavoci .    disembodied_body_parts_cosima_montavoci

For the Disembodied Body Parts exhibition Cosima Montavoci's Vanitas, Tomb Sculpture and a preview of MADE IN ITALY.

disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt .    disembodied_body_parts_sunset_yogurt

The Exhibition opening took place inside Sunset Yogurt's Atelier, the former Butcher's store, Venice, on the 22nd of June 2019.


Want to wear a piece of the exhibition?

Check out the Meaty Collection and Thingness.

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