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L'atelier di Sunset Yogurt è ufficialmente aperto: Opening Party

febbraio 14, 2019 1 tempo di lettura

Sunset Yogurt Atelier is officially open, sneak a peek on the Opening party

Sunset Yogurt officially opened its Atelier in Venice, for the occasion we gave an Opening party on Saturday 2nd of February!

Although the weather wasn't so kind to us, so many lovely people came to be packed all together inside the Atelier with us. Real cozy <3 

sunset_yogurt_opening  sunset_yogurt_opening

It was a great occasion to get to know better the people from the neighborhood and not only, some people came from really far, some just came because they were curious or just wanted to see the creations live. Thank you all!

sunset_yogurt_opening   sunset_yogurt_opening

For the special occasion, instead of a traditional catering, inspired by the unique location we hosted a live performance where tartare was made on the spot by an actual butcher, Mattia Mazzaro from Macelleria F.lli Mazzaro, surrounded by stains of (fake) blood made by Cosima, Barbara Grande organized the catering and came up with the Sunset Yogurt sauce, to be served with meatballs. We would like to mention Fattoria Petriolo and their amazing wines that accompanied the meat finger food.


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   sunset_yogurt_opening   sunset_yogurt_opening 


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