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Centouno Statement Earrings Black

  • Centouno is a basic casual collection that is easy to combine and makes every outfit more special with an elegant detail.
    It's available in 12 beautiful colours.
    These are the Centouno Statement Earrings Black. This is a Limited Edition.

    Every single bead is handmade and therefore slightly different which is what makes it even more special.

  • Centouno beads are the first beads Cosima learned to make to practice the movements. Once mastered, the manufacture of these beads, is almost automatic, resulting in a great way of meditating.

    The Centouno beads enclose this magic by revealing the human power behind it through the energy given by the slightly different shape of each bead. When holding it in your hands or wearing it, it becomes very tangible.

  • Length: 9 cm.

    Weight: 4 g.

    Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and stainless steel.

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