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Sunset Yogurt, our new brand name!

February 09, 2018 1 min read

Sunset Yogurt, our new brand name!

Beloved people, we have great News!

It’s official, we have rebranded “Co Glass Jewellery” to “Sunset Yogurt”!

You might think it’s a great random catchy name, or wonder why we took this decision…

Actually, this name is not quite random, and besides fitting our brand identity much better, it’s a metaphor for the narrative we want to express with our jewellery.

sunset yogurt how to make glass jewellery

The story of Sunset Yogurt starts in 2005 when Cosima’s journey with glass began almost by mistake. People around her were surprised that a 16-year old girl would be working in a glass furnace in Murano with such passion while finishing high school. It was hard to understand. When asked, Cosima would simply reply, with a sparkle of joy in her eyes: “Sunset Yogurt”, the colour and consistency of glass while melting.

cosima montavoci how to make glass jewellery

It is indeed catchy, nonsensical and a bit silly as we like it, but it’s not only that, Sunset Yogurt represents for us the joy of creating from raw materials, and listening to those materials. This is how our project was born and how it continues.

cosima montavoci how to make glass jewellery

Our website is the same, improving every day, nothing about our brand or ideology is going to change.

We are still going to put all the care and love in each creation and customer, and the production stays a small-scale, artist-produced, high-quality selection of Contemporary Jewellery. Our new brand just makes it easier for us to communicate our ideas, and tell our story.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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