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New in: Thingness Collection

February 15, 2018 1 min read

New in: Thingness Collection


The disembodied body parts of the Thingness Collection are slightly creepy but kind of kitschy and simply adorable.

The Thingness collection features several pieces of body including eyes, boobies, teeth, legs and each and every one of them is carefully handmade in Effetre Murano Glass and Sterling Silver.

Check out the whole collection here!

Thingness collection is definitely something different, pieces of bodies has adorned Cosima's sculptures since a while already, but never jewellery so far and why not.

Are you wondering why the name 'Thingness'? A while ago Cosima stumbled upon an interview with Paul Thek from the Whitney Museum, at one point Thek says, regarding his visit to the Sicilian catacombs: "...I opened one [coffin] and picked up what I thought was a piece of paper; it was a piece of dried thigh … It delighted me that bodies could be used to decorate a room, like flowers. We accept our thing-ness intellectually, but the emotional acceptance of it can be a joy…" She found it so intriguing that by now she knows it by heart.

Let us know what you think about it! 

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