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Teeth Pendant Necklace

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Size Guide
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Materials: Effetre Murano Glass and stainless steel anchor chain.

Length: 55 cm

Weight: 9 g

Using pieces of body to adorn other bodies helps us appreciate the joy that comes from the acceptance of our 'Thingness', as the '70s contemporary artist Paul Thek defined it, influenced by his visit to the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo.

The Thingness collection is inspired to the artist's work and features eyes, boobies, teeth and legs. The Thingness collection is deadly serious but looks fun.

This is the Teeth Pendant Necklace, an unusual accessory for your everyday look.

Teeth Jewellery is filled with references and primordial rituals. For example, using the defeated enemy’s teeth as a necklace, to show power and strength. Every single tooth is handmade with glass without any cast, so that each is slightly different, as a real tooth would be.

Emphasis is given to the root of the tooth, usually hidden. The teeth are inspired to wisdom teeth, the ones whose root is most similar to animal teeth.

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